Moxie's Jetsam

My journey to jettison the jetsam out of my life and make room for new growth and abundance.

My jetsam is your treasure!

Spotted something you’d like? Excellent! A few things first:


  • In-person hand off is my prefered shipping method. If you’re in Danville, C-U or the surrounding areas, you’re in luck. We’ll find a mutually agreeable place for the trade.
  • Sorry, but I won’t ship extremely fragile items. It’s just not worth the hassle.
  • I’ll ship most other items and ask you to pay the actual shipping costs. I’m good at squirreling away boxes and bubble wrap, so packing costs should be minimal.


  • In-person cash is preferred. After all, this is a virtual garage sale.
  • I will accept PayPal. There is an extra $1 fee per purchase if you go this route.

Ready to buy?


2 comments on “My jetsam is your treasure!

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