Moxie's Jetsam

My journey to jettison the jetsam out of my life and make room for new growth and abundance.

Ahoy! (About this voyage)

On my porch during a scavenger hunt at Halloween. You wouldn’t believe the flotsam just inside those windows.

I’ve long been fascinated by projects like A Life For Sale, 100 Days of Less, Never Ending Voyage and the 100 Thing Challenge. When I toured with theatre groups, I had so few items with me on the road. Granted, I had a storage facility and plenty of stuff at my mom’s house at the time. But I saw how little I really needed.Since returning from the road, I have been nesting. And accumulating. And now I find myself weighed down. I have attached so much emotion to so many objects and ideas that I feel like I’m tethered to a spider’s web.

But it’s not just knick knacks, pictures, books and other assorted etc. The jetsam is mental and physical as well. I have old beliefs and world views that aren’t working for me anymore.

I’ve been consuming and consuming and consuming inspiring stories and actionable advice for months now. I have decided it’s time to stop preparing and start making it happen.

Thank you for being a part of this journey for me to release all of my flotsam so my ship can keep sailing.

Ready to come on board? You can help by buying some of my assorted jetsam (i.e. stuff from my house), encouraging my journey to release my physical jetsam (i.e. get my body healthy), or getting inspired as I clear out my mental jetsam (i.e. swapping motivations from inspirational bloggers).


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