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All that glitters needs to go

I can’t believe what I started last night. I jettisoned my jewelry. Yup, jewelry. Some of the most emotionally charged, sentimental, memory-laden stuff with the highest “this could be worth something” quotient of all of my possessions.

I didn’t plan to sort through my jewelry last night. I have been moving it from one dresser to another and the mood struck me. As I was watching Castle on ABC (my favorite guilty TV pleasure), I just started taking things out of boxes and making piles.

There are my two charm bracelets, loaded with ballerinas, palm trees and other emblems carefully selected to represent the joyous mix that was me as a young girl. GONE! I will absolutely never wear them again. There is no other little girl who is the exact mix of what I was who would recognize herself in the charms. Am I being heartless? I don’t think so.

Those bracelets are emotionally heavy for me. They feel like guilt. And I’m finally learning that letting go of them doesn’t let go of the memories, the celebration of the person I was, or the love that was captured in them.

I put pairs of crazy earrings from the early 90s in baggies to go to Goodwill. I’m sure the four-inch long papier mache masterpieces will be popular again soon.

I have a few things of value that I’ll try to sell, including some bracelets from Tiffany & Co that can’t stretch around my wrists anymore. But more than not fitting, they are loaded with guilt and bad memories because of the person they came from. It’s time to let all of that go.

So what did I keep that I don’t wear? A tiny charm that says “I’m 3”. It’s from my third Leap Year birthday. I also kept a tiny (fake) pearl and purple heart bracelet that I remember wearing in a piano recital. They are tucked in a tiny, heart-shaped jewelry box together. Maybe someday I’ll be able to regift them, but for now, they’re good survivors of the jewelry tangle.

I also saved two bracelets that belonged to my mom that can’t fit on my wrist. They are silver, chunky, and I love them. If I’m able to generate some cash from the other pieces, I’m use the money to expand them if at all possible. I would love to be able to wear them.

What about you? Do you have a hard time letting go of jewelry?




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