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My journey to jettison the jetsam out of my life and make room for new growth and abundance.

Getting rid of the clutter

575124_3556871375162_1607685706_nDo you have a perpetual, potential garage sale happening in your home as well? I have for years. Some of it is sorted – most of my stuff is not. I considered selling the pieces one by one, giving away some, asking for pennies on the dollar for others. But then I realized all of that was just a way to delay letting go.

So I called my friend Will at Crossroads Corner Consignment in Champaign, Illinois. I sent him photos of some vases and other decor that I had identified as jetsam. He selected what he thought would sell and I left it in his very capable hands. I’ve returned with other photos and refered plenty of people to him for both buying and selling. He has an amazing collection and a great eye.

But what about the other stuff? Goodwill, baby.

I can’t even tell you how refreshing it is to go into my garage and not see the Christmas decorations that have been in my family for fifteen years, but we haven’t used in more than a decade.

There’s still a lot of clutter to deal with. It all needs to be jettisoned, but I am working systematically. Best of all, I can see my progress as I look around my house. That shelf that used to be full of knick knacks I couldn’t part with? Clear and dust-free. Those bookshelfs that were loaded with jetsam in front of the books? Much better balance.


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